the art of
Jeremiah LeBlanc

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cafe Sketching

Nina a la lune . ink on paper with digital media

Another get-away to a Montreal cafe with my sketchbook, pencils and pens (and a Starbucks Christmas coffee cup).

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Children's Hospital Illustrations

Today, I got to see my illustrations printed large for the Children's Hospital presentation on their phonetics book, on 8.5 x 11 card stock. I think that it came out well, considering the current workload. I've been able to collect many of the files of the other contributors as well, which has been even more interesting. I think that knowing the other concepts has made seeing their various outcomes insightful as most people portrayed their views nicely.

Nina a la lune . ink on paper with digital media

This illustration is for the sound /n/ ( 'Nina a la lune - French for 'Nina Has The Moon' ), which shows a young girl reaching for the moon, which is seen as a reflection in the glass (as well as her eyes... which was a mistake...). I attempted to use colours that were vibrant yet dark and calming. 

L'agneau aime l'onion . ink on paper with digital media

This picture was fun to draw. This illustration is for the sound /ng/ ('L'agneau aime l'onion' translates from French to 'The lamb likes the Onion' ). I attempted to incorporate onion skins to make the typography in the drawing without using any techniques of measurement, which is something I'll need to incorporate into my freehand drawing-style... I'm happy with the way that the colours came out and they appeared more or less the same on the cardstock, which was pleasant.

The heaviest part of the project finished, I can't wait until the other submissions appear from the white-space...