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Jeremiah LeBlanc

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Website Updates

I guess I'm trying to improve not only my illustration skills but my coding skills as well. Last winter, I re-coded my website to reflect my updated design... style? And finally had time to work on it again to finish converting each image into the new design in the spring. I wanted to have the look of the website reflect more of the pen style that I have been working on as well as to create a new logo.

new appearance: top  / former design: bottom

I still like the old appearance but I had fun designing the new site. Maybe a bit experimental... I wasn't sure if having a sideways scrolling system would work. I think that it has a dynamic interface that at least allows me to feel more free when I move through the drawings. I wanted to feel less restricted and allow the images to flow from every corner. Try it out and let me know what you think.

The Sketchbook Section

 The next thing that I had fun with was the sorting of my images in a more dynamic way: all the thumbnails are visible put into a sort of double category - by sketchbook (vertically) and grouped by date (horizontally). 

The Gallery Section

In the new "gallery" section of the pages, I made 6 for each "sketchbook" with the images set side by side for viewing. I planned on grouping similar themes vertically and set them beside each other horizontally. The "j" in my initials hangs on a wire :)

. . . . . . .

So that's my new website design. Now I'll feel a bit more ready to show my work online with people. I hope to continue my exploration and to make a good experience that people can follow along to. For any comments and suggestions, email me at