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Jeremiah LeBlanc

Friday, January 10, 2014

My Birthday!

Friends and family throw a birthday celebration at home

A Montreal Tibetan Restaurant and a homemade birthday celebration with friends and family. January may be cold and wet but, of course, blowing out the candles on this day won't snuff out the warm. 

Montreal in January

Firstly, I was treated to great Tibetan food at Shambala Restaurant on St. Denis (corner of Sherbrooke), which has an awesome dining room and good food at a comparatively low price.

window seat at Shambala Tibetan Restaurant, St. Denis, Montreal.

photo taken in Montreal. Shambala Tibetan Restaurant on St. Denis, Montreal.

So, I had the honour this day of having a place at the window seat. I'm, um, posing with the pepper and salt shakers. Probably not specifically Tibetan artifacts but lovely nonetheless. Where's the food...?

a wet winter

Our way back home did include a few detours, one of the less-appreciated Montreal sites, the many construction sites that make scenic routs a Montreal must. But good for some quick photo opps ! 

candle smoking: no tobacco products were harmed.