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Jeremiah LeBlanc

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Website Crash

Well, it happened - and soon. The story goes that I was having a nice cafe session with my laptop, editing and uploading a small update to the website (an attempt to edit the scrollbars for Windows browsers - something I've neglected). It must have been the cafe's particular internet connection that uploaded ( "successfully" ) the pages with the updates as empty files. Instead of uploading the files with changes, it uploaded only the files without any of the data. Anyhow, I had only given this update to the most important pages, therefore realizing a day later that I had just wiped my website from the face of the Internet. Bravo.
Luckily, I'm not so bad at backing up my work. Although the amount of changes I had made recently was enough to have needed to spend another week re-working my last backups, sometimes just re-creating some pages that were in development anyway. Lesson : back up the files after EVERY session. It's not a waste of time. But I don't have to mention that. I'm sure most people know this story.
More specifically, I had really wanted to dig out some old sketch concepts to work on that I had started the year before, which turned instead into more coding sessions ( which can become addicting for me ).

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