the art of
Jeremiah LeBlanc

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Festival Inspire, Moncton NB

My first participation into an art event starts today. We had driven the day before from Montreal and arrived late/early the day of : and after a very short sleep, we drove further into Moncton, New-Brunswick to set up for the show.

Driving into the city, the day was clear and bright. We drove in through the industrial section and it was a while until I began to recognize forms and structures remembered from a seemingly distance past.

A few adjustments had to be made after re-uniting with my mother and grandparents in Riverview. I had found that the saw I had in storage to cut the wood-pieces out was too dull to cut, and so I was able to finish the cuts with my grandfather, who showed me step-by-step how to use his saw (a giant rotating saw nonetheless! able to complete the job).

We arrived just on time in a beautifully-clear afternoon without a tent...which was unfortunate for me. I set up a small table and arranged my pieces. I set up between two tented areas and took a shot of my crafty set-up work - which changed as pieces were moved and bought :

The experience was great in that I hadn't expected so many interesting interactions and the opportunity to meet different personalities, and to experience their reactions and feedback. One conversation with an interesting lady lead me towards the Peticodiac River, where I walked out into the mud banks formed by the tidal bore from the Bay of Fundy.

It was a great cool off at sunset, in the cooler breeze. Further out, I experienced the mud on my feet as I sunk into layers of mud built up by the tides, which would wash my footprints away by the next day. My whole life around this river and I never thought to experience it so closely.

( edited to remove sunburn!! )

My face was pretty red at the end of the day. Luckily the individuals beside me were nice enough to let me move into their shade. Can't wait to be more prepared next time!